Any graph or its complement is connected

This is a short note of something that I wasn’t sure whether it is true for infinite graphs. Let G = (V,E) be any simple, undirected graph, finite or infinite, such that V \neq \emptyset. By \bar{G} we denote the complement of G.

Proposition. At least one of G, \bar{G} is connected.

Proof. If V has only 1 element, the statement is trivially true. So suppose that |V| > 1. Let \kappa = |V| and let \varphi:\kappa\to V be a bijection. Suppose that neither G nor \bar{G} is connected. It is easy to see that this implies that there is a smallest \alpha_0\in\kappa such that the induced subgraph G_{\alpha_0} on the set \text{im}(\varphi|_{\{0,\ldots,\alpha_0\}}) = \text{im}(\varphi|_{\alpha_0\cup \{\alpha_0\}}) \subseteq V has the property that neither G_{\alpha_0} nor its complement \bar{G}_{\alpha_0} is connected.

Case 1. \varphi(\alpha_0) has no neighbors in the graph G_{\alpha_0}. But then \varphi(\alpha_0) is connected to every vertex in \bar{G}_{\alpha_0}, so \bar{G}_{\alpha_0} is connected, contradicting our assumption.

Case 2. \varphi(\alpha_0) has no neighbors in the graph \bar{G}_{\alpha_0}. Same contradiction as Case 1.

Case 3. \varphi(\alpha_0) has neighbors in the graph G_{\alpha_0} as well as in the graph \bar{G}_{\alpha_0}. We know that at least one of G_{\alpha_0}\setminus\{\varphi(\alpha_0)\} and \bar{G}_{\alpha_0}\setminus\{\varphi(\alpha_0)\} is connected. We may assume that G_{\alpha_0}\setminus\{\varphi(\alpha_0)\} is connected. But since there is an edge from some point in G_{\alpha_0}\setminus\{\varphi(\alpha_0)\} to \varphi(\alpha_0) by assumption of Case 3, we know that G_{\alpha_0} is connected, contradicting our choice of \alpha_0.

Remark. The above proof used the well-ordering principle, which is equivalent to the Axiom of Choice (AC). It would be interesting to know whether the statement of the proposition above implies (AC).

Update. Will Brian gave a neat proof of the proposition above without using the Axiom of Choice, so the proposition does not imply (AC).


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I'm interested in general topology, order theory, and graph theory. This link takes you to my preprints on arXiv.
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